Artist / Animal sculptor

Jelena ┼áimoniene 

I am interested in how far I can push the boundaries of felt making 

I am freelance artist who creates animal related ideas for home, pet sculptures and wearable art in a slow design process, mostly by felting techniques. 

I focused on the animal objects using a combination of reality, emotions, and originality and want to turn your emotions into amazing Art of Felting. 
I love drawing and have been interested in artwork from a very early age and have drawn and painted since I can remember.
 I tried more techniques  and discovered needle felting in 2010. It was amazing experience! I could connect color, texture and sculpture into realistic animals, paintings and art objects. I was excited to add this new technique to my skills. I create my animals by first making a wire "skeleton" then begin felting over the wire. After the animal is sculpted, I can add details such as glass eyes, noses, or whiskers. It is like a game between real and mythical worlds. My way was learning by myself, making mistakes and looking for better ways. I've also learned many things not to do.      

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