Shima Fiber Art


Animals have always found their way into my heart and art work. My love of art and animals is combined in my miniature needle felted animal sculptures. 

Wool is amazing medium to work with. It is a unique material with rich colors, heat as the mother's hands and endless possibilities, that is why it really touched my heart and became important part of my life. Wool felting is a special technique of handicraft in which felt is created from wool using a needle with special barbs. These barbs catch the scales of the wool and entangle them creating felt, thanks to which it is possible to create three-dimensional toys, portraits, pictures, decorative items, clothing or accessories. 

"The purpose of art is not produce product, but  produce thinking" 


Every part of my creations are meticulously crafted by hand to be as realistic as possible

Each one is original with its own personality and I strive to reflect the individual character of the real animal model .I gladly accept custom orders for a loved Pet or your favorite animal. Each custom order is priced on an individual basis based on the size and detail of the animal. My goal is to turn your emotions into amazing Felt Art.

I don't make mass products. I create and work closely with my Customers to create exactly what they imagined.

MY WORK  is very delicate and time consuming work, but I hope you will agree that the results are more than worth the time.  Delicate and solely creations for decorative purposes. They should not be used as toys for children or pets!

If you are looking for practical gifts, take a look at wool slippers. These slippers allow you to have a picture, text, logo and all you wish on the front. Just email me the photo and word you want or attach them!

                                                                        Wear a smile with ShimaFiberArt!