Shima Fiber Art

Custom Dog Sculptures, Pets Portraits, Felted Animals

Made to order one of a kind personalized dogs and cats and other animals.
Commission a custom made realistic likeness and one of a kind miniature soft sculpture made from wool roving , of your family pet.
Each item is unique and has its own character. All items in my shop are carefully made with love and passion on order to your exact requirements. Each needle felted piece is handmade by me with loving attention to details. Digital photos can be emailed to me.

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 Custom Pet Art  

I enjoy creating mini versions of your family dog or cat and have made many custom animals from customer photos.

I can create unique soft sculptures of your pets from your own photographs. I spend many hours to capture on the face special look that only your Pet has. My artworks are a play of color and texture. 

 Felted slippers   

Every pair is made on order to your exact requirements – especially for You. All items are carefully made by creative hands, using just natural soap and warm water. All of them have a warm of my hand, all of them is cozy and comfort products for people. 

Felt Animals

Great gift idea for birthday, anniversary, wedding gifts or for any unique occasion. From your photos I will create your pet out of wool which I sculpt with a special barbed felting needle. All of them are made with love , pasions , care and many hours .Each sculpture is one of a kind and makes a unique gift for someone special!